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Texture Treatments

Pura Luxe - Starting at $350+
A non-toxic amino acid based smoothing treatment Pura Luxe is the next generation in professional hair smoothing treatments. That will leave your hair smooth, frizz free, shiny, and healthy without exposure to any fumes.
Keratin Smoothing - Starting at $350+
Eliminates frizz, increases manageability, repairs damage, and leaves the hair noticeably softer with luminous shine (PERFORMED OUTDOORS WEATHER PERMITTING)
Arroyo American Wave - Starting at $350+
Offers the permanent creation of wave and curl, volume and fullness; we can make hair more or less wavy or curly; we can use it to control frizz, add texture, movement or volume. It’s long-lasting, with loose waves only needing a redo every three months. And instead of chemical perms, it smells of eucalyptus.